Article number: 6005

The ProHome wireless alarm system is the central control unit for all networked products. The base unit forms the basis of the Olympia ProHome system. Make the most of various standards such as WiFi, GSM or the 868-MHz frequency range. This means you can set up or attach your base unit anywhere you like, without laying any cables.

All Olympia ProHome products are easy and fast to synchronise with the ProHome base unit and are ready for use straight away.

Do you already use our Protect series? Then we have good news for you: The Protect series accessories also work with the base unit of our ProHome series.


All the facts at a glance

ProHome Base Unit | Article-Nr.: 6005

  • Sensors and functions controlled by app for iOS and Android
  • Wireless alarm system with WiFi/GSM and smart home functions
  • Internet connection via WiFi
  • WiFi 802.11 g/b, WEP&WPA2 encryption
  • Integrated GSM dialling unit (quad band)
  • Large, luminous LC display with 13-character numeric and alphanumeric display
  • Operation via back-lit touchscreen
  • Handsfree function / Room monitoring on the base unit
  • You can program up to 10 alarm phone numbers plus 1 SOS number
  • Automatic dialling of the next number when the number called is engaged and the mailbox activated
  • Acoustic alarm via a built-in siren
  • Alarm notification on external phones can be programmed
  • Alert via telephone with automatic message function
  • Warning when the sensor battery power is low
  • Power failure backup in the base unit
  • Alarm mode – silent mode – at-home mode – unfocussed mode – room surveillance – hands-free function of external telephones can be switched on/off
  • Upgradable for operation with up to 64 sensors
  • Can be extended for the use of IP cameras, thermostats, electric switches etc.
  • Easy integration of the optional sensors via Plug & Play technology

Height 185,98 x Width 111,98 x Depth 30,9 mm

278 Gramm

Wall mounting possible.

1 Base, 1 Power adapter plug, Batteries, User manual


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ProHome app and synchronise
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